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      Self-service car washing system


      Self-service car washing system in a house

      1. Foam sprinkling system
      2.   Wax sprinkling system.
      3.   High pressure water system.
      4.   Blower system.
      5.   Vacuum cleaner system.
      6.   Hot-dip galvanized frame
      7.   Coin collect systems.

      Equipment Parameter
      Overall dimensions800x580x1750mm
      Height of swing arm300mm
      Swing arm360 degrees
      Length of water pipe500mm
      Length of vacuum pipe500mm
      Water pressure10 Mpa(100kgs)
      Mains voltage2PHASE AC220V /50HZ(According to local)
      Total power5.5KW
      Water consumption8-10L/min
      Shampoo consumption4ML/min
      Available car to washAll kinds of cars
      Gross Weight250KGS
      Working temp.-10℃~40℃

      Equipment Advantages
      1. High pressure water washing system.
      2.   Shampoo sprinkling wash system.
      3.   Vacuum car cleaner system.
      4.   Liquid crystal display system.
      4.   Recharge card collect system or coin collector.
      5.   Hot-dip galvanized steel frame.
      6.   Remote control system.
      7.   Winterization system.

      8.   Charged according to washing time.

      Equipment Parameter

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